This book started it all;

Thinking about a self sustainable life where you can find the last existing freedom on our planet? Thinking about buying a boat but don’t have much money? It is possible! Read this book, it’s the best on the market regarding this subject. Rick Page shares his sea gypsy lifestyle.

Stupidity is limitless…

What a dick! God, seriously?? Why are people like that? Or want to come across like that?
The only intention I had was to avoid a collision with our boats. Highly reasonable right?

Yesterday Ramon and I had this stunning, brilliant, pristine divine rock inlets surrounded by the sea completely for ourselves. Well, in the late afternoon all the other boats left. This was our romantic escape after the two week delivery Ramon had done with Bobby. Curious? Click here…!

We had a barbecue on the beach followed by a swim in the bioluminescence infested bay. The latter was magical. All the ripples we created in the water lit up in this glow in the dark, fluorescent, crystalline turquoise color. Science wise, this is the defense mechanism of the algae.

Rock ‘n Roll

We were in paradise! The price we paid for paradise was undergoing yet another extreme rolly night. This time Mutiny would move from bow to stern. Ramon believed it was better than from side to side, for me it meant another sleepless night. These are regular occurrences in our daily life. We grew used to it. The only issue is that one might act in peculiar ways when suffering from sleep deprivation, mistakes are easily made.

There was one time Ramon frowned upon me, that I was incredibly grateful for. I was holding the water hose very close to the diesel tank instead of the water tank. The only cure is gaining muscle memory, as one wise woman pointed out to me a few months ago. You know who you are, and I have to admit you were more than right. With this advantage you don’t have to think about every step, you are on automatic pilot. Compare it with the mornings you find yourself in bed with a hangover and have no clue how you managed to get there.

Anyhow, the following morning we left rolly heaven to continue our journey to the following bay. We wouldn’t be there alone, unfortunately, but we wouldn’t roll, a nearly Stockstill night on the water would be a dream come true…

Another day another bay

Thirty minutes later, relying on the engine to transport Mutiny, we moored up and couldn’t resist the crystal clear blue beneath us. We dived in to surface again as reborn entities. Once in the immensely see-through liquid, we took some shots for our site and YouTube channel. It was then that we spotted fins in the water. Our first reaction was to get out of the water and on the boat. These fins moved at a high speed and made quick 45 degrees turns, every half a meter. They created a wake in the water… a predator!

Shot from the keel below the waterline

Other people began to see them too. We took the kayak and were super close, we took some footage and presume it was a baby swordfish! Bloody fast, they are.

After all this excitement, the exhaustion caught up on us and we lay down. I am better with siestas than Ramon. I fell in a 1-hour coma, only to wake up and notice that the hubby was gone. I tried to get some more sleep but as usual, that window was closed and gone.

“If the wind changes, you will be slamming into us, I would like to avoid that.”

It didn’t take me long to wake up, once I met with the hubby in the cockpit. There was an SV Delos like boat (Amel super Maramu 2000, cutter rigged) way to close to ours. In this bay, you drop your anchor from the bow and reverse. Once the anchor bites, you get shorelines from the stern. -You attach these lines to the back of the boat and tie them on land around rocks or trees, whatever is easier- This prevents you from free-swinging and gives more boats the opportunity to anchor in the bay.

“This guy just mansplained me that he knew the distance and he would swing in front of us.”


Now this super Maramu, which certainly wasn’t Delos because that crew is incredibly competent, was way too close for comfort and refused using shorelines. I jumped up and leaped into the kayak half dressed -living on a boat in tropical climates motivates the urge to be naked 24/7 and believe me I wasn’t like that before-, paddling towards the threat. “Excuse me, madam! Are you staying the night or just a few hours?” I asked. She replied,: “Oh no, more like a few days.”
I told her they needed to re-anchor the boat because it would blow against ours when the wind would change from the South East to the North West. The latter being the prevailing wind, conclusion? collision unavoidable!

She called the skipper who assured me there wasn’t the slightest issue. He calculated his swinging circle and would never touch us. My reply was: “If the wind changes, you will be slamming into us, I would like to avoid that.”
Mutiny is our house, our transport, our safe haven, that guy just has way too much money and bought a sailboat which he uses for two weeks a year and he doesn’t bloody know anything about it. I mean hell,… I thought I couldn’t judge distances and I couldn’t, at least I was honest about it, but I learned. This guy just mansplained me that he knew the distance and he would just swing in front of us.

Clearly there wasn’t any room for feedback or let alone discussion in this conversation, so I went back to Mutiny.
-when I was younger I would have made a big deal about this with the necessary drama, I guess I learned it’s not worth it-
Ramon, Styx, and I just waited for the wind to change and prepared Mutiny for this collision, after all, that was the only thing we could do…

We were counting down and there they came; the arrogant mansplaining skipper and ignorant wife, their stern bumping into the

Port Leone, the bay where it all happened.

The most retarded idea ever, you slam into us once are you going to hit us twice??? Yup, there he was again not touching us but his keel (2 meters under the waterline) caught our anchor, which he also crossed of course. Now, his stern didn’t hit us but the dinghy was twisted around our chain. The woman clearly didn’t know anything about boats and wasn’t the fastest thinker or practical person. Therefore, Ramon was trying to untangle the dinghy with his toes and I boarded the kayak again.

The skipper was at the helm reversing and forwarding asking us what to do because the woman was bloody useless.
Eventually, it worked, we started giving them instructions, finally, they listened. I think we radiated: Shut it and listen! Because we were prepared for this unfortunate series of events, our boats managed to get away without damage.

At last, they were going to re-anchor. There was no thank you for your help or even sorry we didn’t listen before… Nothing… For me, the worst part was that he just didn’t listen. Is it because I am a woman? Because I was 20 years younger? Or was it just bloody arrogant ignorance? Well, screw you too then!

Second try

Five minutes later we heard our friendly neighbour urging the same stupid guy to relay his anchor because he crossed our neighbours and they would leave early in the morning. Mister arrogant his answer was:” No, I am good here.”
The next morning our neighbours had to wake him up because, as said before, he crossed their anchor and was blocking his way out…

The only guy in the middle of the bay that is free-swinging, while literally all the other boats have long lines… Stupidity? Laziness?  Will these entities ever learn?

I know I get overprotective about Mutiny, now you might understand why. People acting retarded and refuse to follow the advice of others… Why all the hassle? Why don’t they accept the helping hand? Swallow your false pride and freaking take it!

Today we saw them again. Anchoring a few boat lengths away from us and not using shorelines. This time, however, they stayed well away from Mutiny and her protective crew.
Styx gave them a nasty look, Ramon was doing some chores on deck and I was writing this blog when they decided to anchor elsewhere.
Who knows, maybe we planted an educational seed or taught them a lesson about life; “you can’t swing on a hook when the surrounding boats are long-lined ashore”.

Serving gringos in the bush

The jungle is pretty primitive. There are no sockets that grow on tree barks, neither does money grow as weeds do

Ramon and I were living in Honduras and were working in a hostel with an adjoined restaurant.
It was called Via Via. This chain company started in Belgium and nowadays you can find them everywhere in the world. The companies’ philosophy is to provide an establishment in a remote part of the world where travelers and locals can meet, intertwine, drink Belgian beers, and learn from one another. Respect is the most important pillar of their foundation.

For tourists, this entails the flexibility to adjust to the specific surroundings. The jungle is pretty primitive. There are no sockets that grow on tree barks, neither does money grow as weeds do. It comes down to, not expecting a full bar internet connection in the forest, eating food that’s in season and that’s native to the country one might find himself/herself in.

Because of shortages in the dry season in some parts of the world, care must be taken when utilizing the water supply. You might think this is all very logical and travellers take this into account when visiting these countries with limited infrastructure but I can guarantee you, there are aliens on this planet who believe they always can have whatever they wish, regardless of their location and the presence of sufficient sources.

Because of shortages in the dry season in some parts of the world, care must be taken when utilizing the water supply.

First job

Ramon and I arrived in Honduras with almost no funds. We were young and had a dream; travel the world. We would do anything to achieve it. Whatever the costs, we found a way, and looking back now, all these years later, we always did and still do. We get many comments that we are lucky and don’t have kids, etc so many people think it is easier for us to have this existence. I believe there is a difference, it’s just a choice you make and how brave you are.  The first opportunity arose in Honduras. My mum had called me and suggested I should go and visit a Flemish guy in Copan Ruinas, Honduras. He had a restaurant/hotel and a little travel agency called Via Via.

We were going to ask him if he needed employees, that way we would have some pieces of eight coming in. My mum knew about him because she saw an interview with the owner of Via Via on Belgium television. Ramon and I took our chances and went over. Geert; Gerardo for the locals, hired us for two months.

It was interesting to work there. All our colleagues were from Honduras. Working together stimulates a good bond and opens up a new world. As co-workers, you depend and rely on each other. We learned many things about Honduras; culture, traditions, and customs.
In Central American countries, people are outgoing and passionate, contact is easily made. Whereas Asians are super reserved. They don’t show emotions, in their opinion and according to Buddha, this is weak. Read blog Emotions in Asia. (coming soon)

We learned many things about Honduras, the culture, the traditions and the customs”

A hamburger without the burger and the bun, please

We learned to speak Spanish very fast and our colleagues almost spoke fluent English after the two months we worked there. We enjoyed our time with our new colleagues. The only moments we got aggravated was with the never-ending demands of the tourists. Nationality didn’t matter, though some nationalities like Americans were the worst. No offense meant my American friends. It’s just statistics.

All our Latina and Latino colleagues were shocked when Ramon just refused to serve a big group of Americans at one point. He couldn’t do it anymore. It already started when they tried to order, it took ages. They would keep on talking with each other for 30 minutes while the restaurant was packed and we wanted to serve as many hungry mouths as possible. After all, it is a business that wants to cover the overhead costs.

All our Latina and Latino colleagues were shocked when Ramon just refused to serve a big group of Americans at one point.

There were many options you can choose from on the menu. Of course Americans like their burgers, but one wants it without a bun, the other one wants two buns, a half slice of tomato and cucumber but without the seeds.  “And oh, uh maybe I should take something else?” It went. We would tell them to take their time and we would be back to take their orders.

After returning for the fourth time to the same table, someone might run out of patience. Normally I am that person, but in this situation I’m ok. Probably because I grew up in restaurants and bars.

Pushing their luck

Ramon on the contrary, as the straight forward, logical Dutch guy he is, had a very hard time trying not to torture them.

He took their orders and didn’t leave any time to alternate it after the 5th time he tried to get their order in. Once he served the food, imagine carrying three steaming hot plates. In order to serve these plates, customers need to leave some room for the waiter. This crowd would get in your way, it almost seemed they did it on purpose. Once they had their plates, the faces would change in a big question mark. “I asked without a bun and you gave me one.” Our reply would be: ”Just take it off and give it to your friend who wants two buns.”

They answered: “That’s not what I asked for, by the way, is this cutlery washed with drinking water? Why is this napkin on the left-hand side of my plate and not on the right side, did your Latino cook have clean hands when he handed the plates to you, did you wash your hands before serving us? What about these chairs? They are so uncomfortable, and what about the air conditioning?”

“Are you deaf? Get out now, I am not serving you anymore, go and look for other slaves who might.”

Put the gringos on the spot!

That was it, Ramon snapped. This was just downright disrespectful. He passed on the message: “We are in the jungle here, this is not a 5 star Hilton hotel, otherwise the prices would have been way higher, have some respect! The girls in the kitchen had never even had the chance to eat a hamburger in a restaurant, let alone go to a restaurant to eat.

Who the hell do you guys think you are? Kings and queens of the whole wide world and even though, wrong address ungrateful nitwits! Now get out here and never come back.” The entire restaurant grew quiet to witness the scene.

The Americans were flabbergasted and highly offended, they didn’t know how to react. So Ramon repeated: “Are you deaf? Get out now, I am not serving you anymore, go and look for other slaves who might.”

Finally, they left and the other tourists that were waiting for a table took their place. When I went to their table they told me they only wanted to be served by the grumpy guy. All the locals, which were almost all drug lords or involved in the mafia in one way or another applauded for Ramon.

Even our boss came down from his office -this was a small separate area in the restaurant- to ask what has happened. Ramon apologized to him and if he wanted to fire him he would understand. But our lovely boss was amused and agreed with Ramon. He said: “If you wouldn’t have done it, I certainly would have.” From that moment everyone loved -or was it feared- Ramon.