Sick of it all !?

Starting a new life adrift, I keep summarizing what I’ve been doing with my life. The places I’ve been, people I’ve met, and the varieties of jobs that came along with it.
Just hear me out if you wish;

Paperboy, butchers help, carpenter apprentice, factory laborer, warehouse employee, plumber, heating installer, AC mechanic, coffee machine repairman, welder, garbage disposal collector, post-delivery guy, driver, installing fences, cleaner, security guard, stagehand, audio and light technician, glass stained window blacksmith, gardener, bartender, waiter, teacher, tour guide, casino dealer, writer, telephone operator, Apple specialist, boat repairman….and this only sums up the jobs that lasted for at least 5 months and provided me with a regular income. So I am leaving out the band(s) I’ve been lucky enough to play in/with.

“It’s not about how many jobs or titles I’ve had, it’s about how many I have ended or walked away from”

There is a point to all this; people are diverse. The once you meet and work with, are the people who you needed to know to get to this point in your life. The traits you’ve gained and lessons learned. The good and the bad. The whole charades. I am not trying to impress anyone with these numerous careers. Not at all. It’s not about how many jobs or titles I’ve had, it’s about how many I have ended or walked away from. If you are happy doing what you do for the rest of your life, then go for it. But if you come home from work and you find yourself slowed down or blocked in any way, look for it elsewhere.

Become a Mutineer

Ok, I am starting to divert my readers here. I know…I’ve heard it before;
“You don’t live the life I do”, “You don’t have kids to raise, a house to pay off, depts to settle, etc”.
That’s right, I don’t. And if I did then I would do anything to get rid of these “excuses”. Anything! Would you? Are you getting a little annoyed or pissed off at me for confronting you with this? Good! Reflect it on me. What do I care? The most important thing is that you are pissed off. That’s a great start.