The start of our new lives. We take a look at Mutiny while she was waiting on the hard. -Ionian Marina, Preveza, Greece-

Mutiny is on the hard and we are focussing ourselves mainly on the deck. Of course, jobs seem to pop up out of nowhere…!

Fixing leaks, a visit from dear friends, got a new anode and is this RIB fixable??

Seacocks and water bladders! And is this the end of the treadmaster?

The day we have been waiting for! Mutiny is going in..!!! A few last touchups and a proper baptism first. Thanks to our friends, Joe the Kiwi and Skipper Dave

Taking her out for a spin with Joe the Kiwi and John the Pirate…Happy Days!!!

A nice day with good people. Thanks Joe, Mihai and Corina…!

First storm on board and without Lotte…!

Lotte is in Belgium, while Ramon and Styx are looking after Mutiny in Greece

Mutiny’s first x mas in Palairos, Greece. Lotte is still in Belgium while Ramon and Styx are stuck in a storm. Good people and a great vibe in a tiny village

Lotte is still in Belgium while Ramon and Styx play with teak oil and an old generator

Our first promo video for this website

Lotte is back on Mutiny. We review the Intex Explorer K2 Kayak. Our first prop wrap. BBQ in Palairos and our first sail of the year!

Lotte repaired the genoa halyard, Palairos cleaned out the harbor, we set sail to Abelike bay on Meganisi

After a romantic anchorage on Meganisi, we ended up in wind force 8 without engine!!! Luckily we received help, but not from the coastguard…


Are we capable of fixing our engine? Either way…we encounter some serious gusts on our way to Kalamos…!

We leave Kalamos for Kastos and end up in Nidri at a sailboat graveyard.

Mutiny surfs the waves on our way to Nidri. Luckily we left Palairos that day as other boats that stayed, were damaged by the storm. 

Mutiny sails herself, we make a longer passage and Styx get’s terrified. 

In this episode, we set sail for Lakka, Paxos. Although this patch of paradise is absolutely stunning, we couldn’t get used to the rolling movement.

Song by Quod Non and video by us.
Enjoy Pirates of Freedom and check out:


We are in Paxos and are enjoying the clear waters. Ramon gets food poisoning in Mongonisi, Styx finds his twin brother Sid, and we get rudely cut off by a powerboat while under sail

Ramon and Bobby set out to deliver a sailboat from France to Greece for a company called Sunsail. They prepare the boat, test te equipment, and set sail for Sardinia on a 38ft sailboat named Iggy

Ramon and Bobby continue their adventurous course towards La Maddalena. Will they make it?? We almost got sucked in an, what it seemed, an insurance scam. We didn’t hit your boat, lady! 

Ramon and Bobby are completing their final part of their journey from France to Greece. The Sunsail sailboat, Iggy, and her crew landed in Lipari and are sailing forward to Lefkada, Greece. 

Thanks to some inside tips and advice from good friends, we explore some -off the beaten track- anchorages while fixing and solving problems on the boat.

Our dear friend Aimee joins Mutiny for a few days in Corfu and Ypsos. Meanwhile, the population of the South Ionian are battling the medicane. Our hearts go out to all who suffered from the cyclone.

We waited for a gap in the strong wind in Mongonisi, Paxos, and rushed ahead towards Parga. The next day we ran out of fuel and had to “heave to”, to drop anchor near a beach to look for diesel.

We return to Palairos after sailing for a month. We try to make some cash by fixing, cleaning, and looking after boats. Lotte climbs up a mast to repair an anchor light and we clean a catamaran.

We have lost our precious anchor, chain, and line. How did we do that??! We got propwrapped in the tiny harbor of Palairos and try our best to retrieve our gear from the ocean floor. 

The sailors’ community has always been a very helpful and extremely generous one. We assist a sailor with a prop wrap, retrieve our own anchor, get a few gifts from very generous Mutineers, and make some music.

We are having an excellent time at Rio de Paleiro and are trying to unravel the mysterious rudder substance. Are we actually going to lose our rudder? Should we lift Mutiny out of the water? Is this going to cost us a fortune?

Our cat, Styx, returned to Mutiny with a nasty fish hook in his mouth and we had to rush him to the vet. Also…it’s Lotte’s birthday today and we have a special surprise for all of our viewers.

Our water pump is still leaking and something has to be done. We got help from our friend David who made us a custom made gasket and set off to repair our engine.

Questions from our fellow Mutineers. Like; “Did we have any sailing experience before buying a boat?”, “What do you guys do for a living?”, “Don’t you guys kill each other in such a small living space?”

We visit 57 year old John, who has been living aboard for the last 30 years, together with his Dad Dave 82, and Mom Gwen 79. We are invited on their very special boat. Boat tour? Hell Yeah! How do they live? 

We receive some Amazon parcels with boat stuff and bring some to the test. We have a little jam on the quay. By the way, who is this mysterious fella who showed up during our yoga exercise?

We have entered a new year and are looking back at our adventures, disasters, victories, defeats, losses, fun, hardship, you get the picture; sailboat life. Short scenes from every episode in 2020

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