About us

Together with our shiny, little, black feline pet, we live in a floating home.

Both of us are hardcore and passionate circumnavigators. We have been traveling and working around the globe for the last 11 years. On land that is. A few months ago, we became proud owners of our first sailboat. We changed the name (that is a no-no in sailor tales) and moved in with our little black jaguar on Friday the 13th. Superstitious? us? Not at all!

We founded this website as a reflection of our own life, passion, and interests and we know that there are more of you out there.
More free spirited folk. I dare to say: “more Mutineers”

Join our crew, have a look, and don’t be shy. There is always a treasure around every corner or wave


Main language: Flemish. That’s kind of Dutch with a charming accent. Spanish is no problem for her and there is even some French in there if you press on.
She is known as a great cook who can prepare anything from scratch. She loves swimming and is pretty fond of physical activities. A very relaxed, curious, and pleasant company as long if you don’t ask her to sing.
She sure loves night time. Not to sleep but to enjoy the moonlight nightwatch.
A true organizer, you could say. And one who takes any job very seriously with a smile, from ear to ear and from keel to mast.


Main language: Dutch. All though he grew up speaking Swahili, he preferred English as a second language. Tries to keep up with his broken Spanish but hey…give him a long passage and a book and he’ll be fine. A fine blogger/writer/columnist and guitar player, so enough to keep him occupied on a long journey.
Loves diving, reading, fixing things… Oh! Did I mention that he used to be a certified plumber, carpenter, and welder?
As Lotte, he is also someone who doesn’t require much sleep and is very suitable for night watches. Very easy going but hard working. Enjoys a laugh on the water and a drink at anchor.


Styx found us as a tiny little stray kitten. He kept following us around, even on boats! It was soon obvious that this little rascal would be part of the crew.
He is named after the river Styx from Greek mythology. Meaning: “a river in Hades across which Charon carried dead souls”. Don’t judge a cat by his name though. This creature is most likely the friendliest muppet on the planet. Did I mention that he goes to the toilet like a human being?

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11 thoughts on “About us

    1. Thanks Allie, it’s the both of us and it is people like yourself that motivate us to go on. There is still a lot to learn but we’ll get there. Cheers!

  1. you’re a great author.I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back at some point. I want to encourage you to definitely continue your great posts, have a nice afternoon!

    1. Jamee, thanks a lot. You just motivated me to write another blog. I am in the process of making a subscribe to newsletters link as well. That might be easier as book marking.

  2. Hi are you the guy advertising on friends of Lefkas to look after clients boats in Palairos?
    If so would you be interested in taking me on with a Sportina 25ft on a trailer which can be launched in and out when required?
    I bought the boat last July and only managed a week on her then covid came along, in fact we were supposed to be arriving today but no chance we are very cautious, it is currently in a boatyard in vliho and I am dying to get out to her.
    If you are interested in taking us on I would be thinking about next year and hopefully make palairos our base, we have lots of good memories of palairos and sorrou doing area having wintered there and Lefkas years ago. I’m rabbiting on a bit so I’m away hope you will consider my request.

    1. Hi Sandy, yes you are correct, it’s me who posted on friends of Lefkas.
      Sorry to hear about you not being able to return to your boat.
      I would love to help you out but I am not really sure what it is that you would like me to do for you.
      Would you like me to have a look and see if she is ok or would you like me to assist you launching your boat?
      Feel free to contact me and we will sort out what needs to be done.

  3. Hey, good choice, doing what you want to do!
    We started being a band, touring the EU and US in an old camper we’d rebuilt ourselves. This year we got covid stimulus money and invested in a 30′ sailboat called Talisman. It’s just freedom, not having the engine noise when you’re going to new places.
    We wish you luck, and maybe someday we’ll cross paths. Sea lanes, that is.
    Bas & Ilene Freewheeler

    1. Hi Bas, that sounds great! Seems we think alike 😉 We had a look at your website and love the story. Seems that you’ll be sailing from California, right? It’s a brave thing, following your heart like that and we hope to cross paths with you at some point.

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