This book started it all;

Get real, get gone: how to become a modern sea gypsy and sail away forever…

In this book, the writer; Rick Page informs you what type of boat suits you. He explains it from the bare beginning, the material the boat is made of, the type of boat, the rigging, the sails, the engine, the shrouds, the inside, how to negotiate, and how to maintain it. This all can be done with a relative ‘small’ budget and without knowledge of sailboats and sailing.

If you are playing with the idea to buy a boat, read this book first!!! 
This book changed our lives. It’s the best book that’s on the market if you want to know more about sailboats and life aboard. 

The hubby and I always thought that sailing is immensely expensive and difficult, therefore impossible for us. Because we never have any money. We were completely wrong, it can be cheap and cheerful. 

“Once the sea has touched your soul, live on land will never be the same…”

Of course, there are some disadvantages for example the never-ending maintenance boats require. But it’s worth every single moment. And perfection doesn’t exist, if it did it would be utterly boring, right?

Are you also wondering how life aboard is as a couple? Yup! He also covers that topic. We bought our perfect sailboat: an Oyster Mariner 35 because of this book. The best decision we ever made. We can’t imagine life on land anymore. 

Get the book here! By buying the book through this link we will get a small percentage. However this has no effect on the price you pay. Basically Amazon gives a tiny percentage to us.

You can also follow Rick page his adventures via this website:

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